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What is new about the FreeBite?

FreeBites cushion and equalize the bite to unload jaw joints (TMJ) and ease tension in chewing muscles. There are two types: Therapy cushions maximize therapeutic effects for compressed TMJ’s while the FreeBite comfort maximizes relaxation during extended wear.

Which FreeBite to choose

Both types of FreeBites are available with two fillings: Air is compressible, giving the FreeBite air more cushion which also helps for specific TMJ exercises. The non-compressible fluid in the FreeBite gel provides a firmer balances support for your bite.

Using your FreeBite

The FreeBite comfort is available in one size and can either be worn in the upper or the lower jaw. FreeBite therapy cushions rest between the teeth and can be moved so that maximal support to the TMJ’s is provided. They are available in 4 heights to assist in a wide variety of movement exercises.

For Therapists

If you are new to the FreeBite therapy we recommend trying the FreeBite air medium first. With some patients, the adaptation phase may be a little shorter when using the FreeBite comfort and you may then start by trying the FreeBite comfort gel first. Clinic Packs offer the best pricing.

Our new FreeBite comfort complements our successful line-up of bite therapy cushions with a new shape designed for an extra-short adaptation phase and maximal comfort during extended wear.

„TMD“ (Temporo-Mandibular Disorder) and „TMJ“ (Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dysfunction) are two of the vague terms describing a poorly understood syndrome of symptoms which usually lumps emotional disorders, problems with the bite and clicking or pain in the jaw joints all into one rather murky soup from which there seems to be no escape for some patients.

The FreeBite System offers a way out for those where the bite plays a role. Most of the symptoms in those cases do not really come from joints, but from chronically stressed muscles which are desperately trying to make a poor bite work somehow. The FreeBite System centers on the muscles, supporting your mandible in such a way that they can both relax and function as needed. FreeBites provide cushions with different properties between your teeth so that your muscles are liberated from the task of manoeuvering your mandible in the position where your teeth fit when you try to bite down. FreeBites will support your mandible where ever you bite and your muscles will soon learn to find the position in which they can regenerate the best.

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