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Which FreeBites to stock

1. Which FreeBites will I need the most of as a therapist?

You can take advantage of our bulk offers to get a hold of FreeBites at a great price, but which ones will you need the most of?

FreeBites do not loose their filling over time as other bite cushions do and there is no need to freeze them in order to prevent them from going flat on you. Still, there is no point in stocking a bunch of types which you probably will not need!

Our customers purchase more FreeBite air mediums than any other kind, probably twice as many as the FreeBite air low and at a ratio of 7:3 to the FreeBite air high, which has been in third place as to its popularity. The FreeBite air ultrahigh is mostly used by therapists who have come to understand the effectiveness of diverse exercises for TMJ exercises in which the extended cuhiony resistance can be employed to great benefit. FreeBite gel therapy cushions are mostly purchased by customers who have known water filled bite cushions and do not want to experiment with something new.

Our new FreeBite comfort may change the numbers to some extend. We estimate that 1-2 our of 10 patients may not initially like the FreeBite therapy cushion because it is not fixed in the mouth, or because they have a pronounced gag-reflex or because it feels too high between their back teeth. These patients prefer our new FreeBite comfort and there may be some more who do not feel like cooperating with a slow break-in phase, but want something that feels comfortable immediately. Since its introduction, the sales of the FreeBite comfort have picked up continously and we expect the demand for the new FreeBite comfort to eventually equal that of the therapy cushions.

If you just want to get started without wanting to differentiate between the different versions of FreeBites, we would recommend that you begin with an equal number of FreeBite air mediums and FreeBite comforts, either gel or air.

2. FreeBite air Clinic Packs are cheapest!

Usually FreeBites come with a storage box. For the therapist who seeks the absolute rock-bottom pricing for FreeBite air mediums, we have created the FreeBite air medium Clinik Pack, 20 pcs. in a bulk pack. Plastic storage boxes can then be purchased separately as needed.

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